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NAM Watch Co. - Mahameru Watch by A Blog To Watch

Original Article: NAM Watch Co. - Mahameru Watch NAM Watch Co. – Story NAM Watch Co. is a watch company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We initially launched our watches in 2015 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Our previous models, The Krakatoa and Toba, were positively greeted by both Indonesian and international watch enthusiast and was sold hundreds of unit in 2015. The positive reception and investors interest they received puts in rarefied air, making it one of a few fully funded Indonesian fashion start-up project. All this tailwind has inspired us to create better products through our new project: The Mahameru. The new model takes its name from Mount Mahameru, or “Great Mountain”, an active stratovolcano and the highest mountain in Indonesia’s most...

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The Loyal Companion

Wearing watch is ultimately an accent or accessory to your style, When you want a watch that combines good designs and quality wise, consider NAM Watch, Finding a right watch can be hard, but we formulate some features that you don’t have to break a sweat when finding one. Established in 2014, we commit to make a watch with a modern calibre quality with some of the best feature a watch can afford, good materials, a light touch of Indonesian taste and minimalist design in one package. With the casual line up, clean and well fitted watch, makes everyone to take you more seriously The Name itself derived from “Enam” in Bahasa that means Six. This six symbolize the change...

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