The Mahameru come from Mount Mahameru, or “Great Mountain”, an active stratovolcano and the highest mountain in Indonesia’s most populated island of Java, Indonesia. The Mahameru design of pays homage to the classic dress watches from the 1950s such as 1954 Omega Seamaster, 1959 Rolex Tudor, and 1954 Ulysse Nardin. The design chose to revisit not only the design elements but also the spirit of 1950s classic watchmaking, an era where craftsmanship and quality come first, and beauty naturally comes out through utility rather than mere fashion accents. 

Through the Mahameru, we try aims to invite those that have directly experienced 1950s watches to relive the era and create a new story of their own. We believe that a watch’s value isn’t measured in currency, but rather the story it brings and moments its wearers associate with it – there is no real value in hefty price tags for poor specifications and played out designs. To achieve this, we offer our watches at the price that won’t put a hole in your pocket to invite more people to join and write the story together.